With so many things around us, it’s difficult to identify the things that excite us. We are faced with a lot of good things and a lot of challenges. It’s hard to identify which is the best thing that makes us happy nor tough to point out the battles that we would like to devout our time and energy with.


It took me years to learn these things. Photography started as a hobby but I did not really take it seriously. I know I am an IT professional so I went to several jobs related to it. It just felt strange because I am more excited in photographs than things related to my career. Challenges are good because it stretches and opens doors of possibilities for us.


When recession hit Dubai last 2010, my company was affected. It made me stop and think for my next move. Competition is so high in the IT business and compensation is too low. Though faced with loss of job, I continued in my photography hobby until I met people who earn a living out of it. It gave me an idea and tried entering into photography job. When I made that decision at the beginning of 2012……I never worked once until now because I made my Passion my Profession. I don’t just take photos but I capture moments, I don’t just capture moments, I create memory thru mu clicks.


Luckily, I was exposed to different areas of photography such as events, architecture, product, fashion, food, wedding, portfolio and sports. Since I put my heart in what I’m doing, the clients saw the heart in my photos. Needless to say, I got very happy and satisfied clients – which made me stay and grow in this business until today.